Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the solution that best suits my needs?

    That depends on what you're looking for. Most of our customers want a solution for getting started in the online sector, or grow in the world of gambling and online casinos. In this case, the best option is, undoubtedly,  the Backoffice + Affiliation Platform pack . Contact us and we will offer you the solution that best suits your needs.
  • What is the relationship between Gambling and Social Gaming solutions?

    NO, these solutions are completely independent. The Backoffice and affiliation management platforms have complete integration, from the concept to the network. Furthermore, the management software is optimized for social games integrating games into social networks like Facebook and their standardized credit systems, users, fans, followers, etc.
  • Is the hosting provided by BackofficeSoft?

    No. BackofficeSoft specializes in software development and optimization of gambling, gaming and affiliation software, not hosting software. Any quality hosting service can offer solutions for your hosting a priori, but keep in mind that online games have very special characteristics in terms of needs and resources of the servers. BackofficeSoft can provide advice and even put you in contact with specialized hosting companies, but we do not provide this service directly.
  • Is the BackOffice tailored to an specific game provider?

    Our Backoffice is optimized for integration with MicroGaming games, one of the leading game providers worldwide. However, you can add as many providers as you like.
  • Which statistics can I analise from the Backoffice?

    This is one of the strong points of this system. The integration of our platform will allow you to access a large number of statistical information for your games, web sites or affiliation networks. Some of the data include: information of access, users, profits, deposits, withdrawals, etc.. All this information can be general or in detail per country, game, user profile, sex, etc. Contact us and we will give you access to our platform so you can see the potential of our system and statistics. All information is provided in real-time and fully contrasted.
  • Can I manage my affiliate sources?

    Backoffice allows you to have full control on affiliates registrations, reversals generated, promotional materials and communication system with your affiliates. Our tool allows you to easily create an affiliation program and measure in detailed all results and movements of users. The advantage of our system is that it is easy to use for you and for affiliates, focusing on self-management.
  • Which currency is used for the Backoffice?

    BackofficeSoft has configured by default the 3 main payment currencies of the world: U.S. Dollar, Euro and Pound. However, it is completely configurable to any currency you need.
  • Which control do I have among my players?

    The advantage of our software is that you will be able to control and see user statistics in real time. The information that the system provides is focused on financial terms and financial return, gameplay, loyalty, etc.. Our system also allows you to enter a user record that will allow you too see extensive information on the games of users, their profile, geographic data, and fraud alerts, etc. Everything is aimed at facilitating your control of all possible users.