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Innovation, proactivity and commitment

These are the principles governing the philosophy of BackofficeSoft, a robust and leading technology platform and a large team of highly qualified professionals. BackofficeSoft is the technology partner you need to develop your software. Complete attention to the quality of our products and constant innovation allows us to provide solutions for gambling, game development and affiliation networks. More than ten years of industry experience in online development are our guarantee.
All our software solutions are always focused on customers, with a firm commitment to providing innovative services that meet their specific needs.
Our work and team is known for being dynamic and an expert in the new development trends necessary to offer the best management software for casinos, online games, social games and affiliation networks.

About Us

BackofficeSoft is a multinational Spanish developer of software for games and affiliation platforms.

With over 10 years experience we offer advanced technological solutions in the field of game development and platforms software management for gaming and gambling. Our goal is simple: provide all the necessary tools so that our clients can be initiated in this sector.

BackofficeSoft is the leading provider of backoffice technology solutions for casinos, offering our customers high-value solutions, ideal to improve productivity and competitiveness of your online businesses.

We are a technology partner with strong strategic alliances with companies and can provide comprehensive global solutions and services to our customers. We have the technology solution for your business.

Our Team

Our leadership in the backoffice programs software market would not be possible without an excellent team of professionals. It is a team of committed, skilled and experienced people..

We use technology not as an end but as a means to offer competitive solutions for our customers.

Our technical team is made up of professionals of:
  • Online Marketing
  • Web accessibility and usability
  • Web Analytics
  • Web Design
  • Technical specialists in multimedia implementations
  • Analyst Programmers
  • Computer security experts
We also have a sales and customer service department.

Where we are

Our international offices:
  • Madrid - Spain
  • Castellon - Spain
  • Mexico D.F. - Mexico
  • Medellin – Colombia

Our Clients

BackofficeSoft's orientation is 100% focused on meeting the needs of our customers, and increasing their profits. Many companies and online gambling casinos now enjoy our software solutions.
We are 100% committed to our customers from the first telephone contact we have. The company's key principles are confidentiality and loyalty to our customers .

Why choose our software?

Developing a technological tool of this nature entails a huge investment of time and money. Our BackofficeSoft software easily gives you software developed and optimized for years by programmers, designers, specialists in web usability, online marketing, quality control and web security, etc. Save money and time and focus on what really matters: making your business profitable.
Our "turnkey" software solutions will let you work and generate income with your games website or online casino in less than a month. You can immediately access one of the most profitable businesses in the network and get a return on your investment in record time.
The reliability of a platform lies primarily on the number and quality of the options. This is measured through concepts such as clarity when displaying data, usability, ease of learning, and accuracy of the data displayed. All these criteria are what make our platform such powerful software.
Our entire team works daily towards a single purpose: giving our customers access to these tools by offering all the information you need in an easy and efficient way thus making your online business a success and generating revenue from the first moment.
We adapt to your needs and your business. Contact us and let's talk.