• All-in-one solutions
    All-in-one solutions
    Real-time reports and statistics
    International management
    Investment control and financial return.
    Marketing Promotions and Communications Manager
    Software customizable to your brand and needs
    Full backend and frontend development
    Full backend and frontend development
  • Games Management
    Games Management
    Promos and bonuses for users
    Configuration of games from a single platform
    Statistics and financial return on games
    Management of tournaments and special events
    Easy integration of games developed by other companies or gaming platforms
    games platform
    Management of tournaments
  • Affiliate Program Management
    Affiliate Program Management
    Affiliation Manager
    Reports and tracking of statistics
    Offer a self-management platform for your affiliates
    Practical and simple FrontPage for all users
    Affiliation Manager
  • Mobile Platform
    Mobile Platform
    Multi platform strategy
    Multi screen solutions
    Compatible with the most common mobile systems.
    Mobile stats and analytics.
    Mobile marketing tools
    Mobile Platform
  • Online Platform
    Online Platform
    Fully customisable software
    Open API
    Turnkey Solutions
    Full management from one unique software.
    Turnkey Solutions

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White Label solution

BackofficeSoft offers you a white label software for operators interested to go into the Gambling and Betting sector. If your core business is related with players acquisition and retention, our software is the best solution for you. We offer you the chance to have a fast market entry on the online gaming, social gaming or gambling sector. BackofficeSoft offers you all the platform integration solutions, the most economic and fastest way to enter in this area, so you only have to focus on marketing your products.

Mobile Platform

Nowadays more and more users consume gaming only from mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. From BackofficeSoft we think your company deserve to be among the innovators. Our IT solutions and web designs have specific tablet and smartphone solutions in order to enjoy the full gaming experience.
All our work is optimised to explore mobile platforms features, to achieve more player loyalty and to gain more value for your customers.

Save time and money with our white label solutions.

Launch your platform in record time, save on development costs, and focus on generating profits.

More than 10 years experience in developing games and software in the field of gaming and gambling, as well as thousands of hours invested in the implementation of the most complete affiliation system in the market, make our "Back-office + Affiliation platform" solution the perfect choice for beginners in this sector.

Top software solutions

Back office + Affiliation Platform

Back office + Affiliation Platform

Enjoy our flagship product. Our backoffice software allows you to manage and control all aspects of your platform or gambling site. If we also add an affiliation platform, you can easily manage your own affiliation programs and simply monetize your platform, with virtually no effort. Years of development and integration of these platforms, along with an unbeatable price in the industry, makes of this the most comprehensive tool and preferred choice of our clients.
Affiliation Platform

Affiliation Platform

If you already have a backoffice software managing your gaming or online casino site, but you need a tool to exploit the potential of affiliation marketing, you may acquire our affiliation platform separately. The cost of this option depends directly on the technical difficulty of integration with your backoffice software.
Management platform for social games

Management platform for social games

It is a software solution for the administration, management and control of social games. Platform fully integrated with Facebook and other social networks. Maximize and optimize your games through social networks. This platform will allow you to easily control your income, manage your games from a single platform and know in detail the profile of your players. We will also provide communication tools and promote your social games easily.