Affiliation Software Platform

Your own affiliation network

It is a powerful software to manage and administer affiliates' profiles, affiliation programs, affiliation campaigns and communication tools with affiliates.

Easily create your own affiliation program and campaigns to give service to webmasters interested in this type of campaign. The affiliation software allows easily creating optimized adservers with real-time statistics; sending newsletters and communicating directly with all affiliates.

Check all revenues generated through this system internationally, and automatically manage payments and invoices with affiliates. It is a simple system customizable to your needs and with a focus on self-management for your affiliates.

What uses are compatible with our software?

Affiliates search:: The system will allow you to capture and easily get affiliates. You can access your campaigns and start working on content and campaigns in less than 24 hours simply by filling out a contact sheet.

Affiliation Campaigns:Manage international campaigns easily with our software. We provide tracking tools, performance measurement, payments, bets and financial statements for each affiliate and campaign. Discover our optimized adservers for both web and mobile campaigns, allowing you to dynamically get the most out of your traffic.

Management of Communications with Affiliates: Make your own mailing template to send Newsletters to your affiliates with the latest news, developments and revenues. Encourage the affiliate loyalty to expand and increase all your benefits exponentially.